In thrall to Lawachara

Lawachara National Park is a major national park and nature reserve in Bangladesh, covering approximately 12.5 km2 of semi-evergreen forests of the Tropical and subtropical coniferous forests Biome and mixed deciduous forests of the Tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests Biome. Lawachara is about 160 km northeast of Dhaka and 60 km from Sylhet. Srimongal, the nearest town, is 8 km away. The park is criss-crossed by numerous sandy-bedded streams, one of which is the Lawachara tributary, from which the park derives its name.

Biological diversity in the Lawachara National Park consists of 460 species, of which 167 species are plants, 4 amphibian species, 6 reptile species, 246 bird species, 20 mammal species, and 17 insect species.One of these is the critically endangered western hoolock gibbon, of which only 62 individuals remain in the area.