Back to life after cyclone Sidr

Humans explored the moon more than four decades ago. They are now heading towards Mars, and digging dip into Martian meteorites in search of extraterrestrial life. While they continue to explore their boundaries and try to find their purpose in this universe, nature continues to test the limits of human strength to fight back, on the planet earth. Being the most vulnerable yet the most intelligent species on earth, the human race continues to stretch their limits in an effort to survive the odds imposed by decimating natural disasters.

In November 2007, cyclone `Sidr` wreaked havoc in the coastal region of Bangladesh. Kuakata, a small seaside locality in Patuakhali district, was completely devastated by the cyclone. At least one kilometer of the coastline permanently submerged under the sea. However, the mighty cyclone could not rob the people of Kuakata of their undaunted spirit. They`ve rebuilt their homes, mosques and boats. Kuakata, with all its relentless and courageous fighters, proudly stands as an epitome of human resilience.